A Guide to Eyeliners and Mascara


  This is my guide to the different types of eyeliners and the 2 main types of mascaras. Hope you guys will find this information useful.

Anime Inspired Makeup Tutorial

barachan tutorial

  On my 2nd tutorial, I decided to feature a look inspired by one of my favorite artist’s illustration. She is famously known as Barachan, an anime illustrator, and I’m featuring one of her main characters, Shifuu. For this tutorial, I used the following: Smashbox Lid Primer The pinks and purple matte shades from Sephora’s […]

Benefit & Sephora’s Kicking Some Class Event

benefit mb

I went to the Sephora at State Street, Chicago where I got to take a peek at the new upcoming kits that are going to be released this August. Being a Benefit Girl, I was quick in grabbing one of their kits. Since I have almost everything Benefit except for the eye shadows, lipsticks and […]