What’s up, MAC?

Picture 3

In Chicago, you never know what the weather is. One minute it’s too hot, next it’s too cold. That’s how I felt when I took out Fuzz this morning, it was too cold! Then I realized that Fall really is here(screw you calendar!). With all the trends, you would want a basic look that stands […]

Anime Inspired Makeup Tutorial

barachan tutorial

  On my 2nd tutorial, I decided to feature a look inspired by one of my favorite artist’s illustration. She is famously known as Barachan, an anime illustrator, and I’m featuring one of her main characters, Shifuu. For this tutorial, I used the following: Smashbox Lid Primer The pinks and purple matte shades from Sephora’s […]

Benefit Essentials


  Searching for the right cosmetic line for me, I found Benefit Cosmetics which is hypoallergenic and completely makes my skin look natural without the blemishes. After experimenting, I found the perfect daily look that’s good for going to work, school or even just going to the mall. The Essentials: 1. The Porefessional – an […]

The Benefit High Beam


  This is my all time favorite highligther! Comparing it to the Watt’s Up, it gives out a glow that doesn’t make my skin look oily.  Maybe it’s the color because my skin looks better with peach undertones than champagne. It costs $26 but it lasts for a very long time! Even the sample lasted […]

Hello Flawless, Hello Beautiful


      Hi all Benefit Addicts out there! Like you, I totally am addicted to Benefit’s line of cosmetics. Right now, I am loving their new product Hello Flawless Oxygen foundation. It’s a liquid foundation that lives up to its name: giving you a flawless looking skin.  The best part about it is that […]