Sailor Moon Inspired Makeup

Screen Shot 2012-08-15 at 9.17.15 PM

Over the past few days, I’ve been experimenting with different eyeshadow colors then I remembered that Sailor Moon is releasing a new anime series this coming 2013. Having grown up watching Sailor Moon every Saturday, I’m very excited! I remember collecting toys especially the brooches. So in preparation of Sailor Moon’s reboot this 2013, I […]

Anime Inspired Makeup Tutorial

barachan tutorial

  On my 2nd tutorial, I decided to feature a look inspired by one of my favorite artist’s illustration. She is famously known as Barachan, an anime illustrator, and I’m featuring one of her main characters, Shifuu. For this tutorial, I used the following: Smashbox Lid Primer The pinks and purple matte shades from Sephora’s […]