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Thank you for your interest in advertising with Miss Madd. Although my site has been up for only a few months, it has gained thousands of visitors(more than 20k pageviews/month) from more than 30 countries all over the world! Having build an audience, I felt it is time for me to open my blog to advertisers.

Forms of Advertising

Product Reviews

Product Reviews are a good way to reach out to beauty fanatics. I advise you to send me travel/full sized products for a review. Reviews will be based on my experience. It will not be influenced by any advertising, sponsorship, and affiliations. Products will be rated by overall experience, pigmentation, time used, application and packaging. I will also state in my post that the product has been supplied by the company. Reviews will always be free unless the client wants to purchase a banner ad space.

Banner Ads

Banner ads come in sizes: 125×125, 125×200 and 250×250 with durations 1 month, 3 months and  6 months. To inquire about prices, please contact me through the form at the bottom of this page.

MaddBox Collaboration

MaddBox is a revolutionary giveaway system were various companies can pitch in 1 product of their choice to giveaway  in exchange for more product exposures. In exchange for the Collaboration, the company will get a free 125×125 ad. I also require the company to send me a product sample with the giveaway item to review it during the duration of the MaddBox giveaway. I like to have an idea of what I will be giving away. I will be responsible for the box and shipping cost of the giveaway unless the company wants to do it directly. Etsy Sellers, Indie Shops and bloggers are also welcomed to collaborate with me.

I will either use Rafflecopter or a Sweepstakes entry form for MaddBox and it will always be featured in front of the website and in my Facebook Page.


Miss Madd whole-heartedly accepts sponsors. Sponsors in return will get a banner ad of their choice with a duration based on sponsored items or have the option to be featured on my website background for a limited time. To inquire more about this, please contact me through the form at the bottom of this page.


Disclaimers and Disclosures

CONTENT. All contents of this blog are owned by the Author unless otherwise stated. You are not authorized to copy, republish, or sell any part of this blog unless you have my permission. You are, however, allowed to link back to this blog. I am not responsible for the comments in this blog although I do moderate the comments from time to time. The comments do not reflect my views on the products and I have every right to delete a comment. Miss Madd does not guarantee that the blog will be up 24/7 as technology has its flaws.

ADVERTISEMENT. Miss Madd is a blog based in Chicago, IL. This blog accepts sponsorships and other monetary compensation in exchange for clear advertisement. I also accept product samples but do not guarantee a review post. All review posts will be based purely on my experience and is not influenced by companies, individuals and affiliates. All contents may be changed without notice to the public.

MaddBox is open to U.S Residents, ages 18 and up unless otherwise stated, no purchase necessary to win. We do not give your email address to anyone, it shall be kept private. I do not guarantee that my viewers will follow your Facebook fanpage or Twitter account. Winners will be picked out by me about 24-48 hours after the contest ends. The winner, however, will need to response in 48 hours or else I will have to pick another winner. Prizes will be mailed to the winner in about 3-5 business days. Miss Madd is not responsible for any mail lost by the mailing service.

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