Who is Miss Madd, exactly?


Miss Madd has been a blogger since the mid 2000′s. Just recently, she decided to create a beauty/fashion blog where she can share all of her interests to people all over the world and host some contests. She loves everything pretty, girly and of course glamorous! She reviews products based on her experience and is not biased to what companies she loves. Below are just a few facts about her.


Quick Facts

Real Name: Yasmin Reyes

Location: Chicago, IL

Pet: Frizzy the Pomeranian (a.k.a Fuzzles)

Personality: An artsy type of nerd

Currently Collecting: Momiji Dolls

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T1i a.k.a Canon 500D

Photo Editing Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom

Video Editing Software: Final Cut Pro

Blog Design:  Bliss Theme modified by Me

Webhost: HostGator


Why Madd?

It’s MAD with an extra dose of Vitamin D! Madd for me doesn’t mean angry. It simply means I am in love, passionate and smitten about anything I like. Why else would I want to blog about it?

Who is Frizzy?

Frizzy is my ever-most loyal friend. Fuzzy(as we love to call her) is a 3 year old pomeranian who I adopted when she was a year old from a showdog breeder. She’s a little fashionista and has more dresses than me! Although she was born here in the US, we can safely say that she’s a true Asian at heart because she goes crazy when she sees fortune cookies.